Welcome to the MK&K Elder Law Blog

NAELA version 3 16 This blog is about Elder Law and related issues that have a huge impact on certain groups of people:

1. Grandparents:  Memaw and Papaw, Nonny and Poppy, Grams and Gramps.  You grands get all the cool nicknames, because you bring the sun with you on every visit.  We think you will be around forever and that nothing will ever change.

2. Kids and grandkids:  we love Bubba’s hugs and cookies and PopPop’s stories about his time in the military.  When we start to worry about their futures, we have taken the first steps towards becoming caregivers.  It is not always as simple as checking in every day to see if Gamma needs anything.  Often it means dealing with sudden catastrophic illness, or having to hold a family meeting to plan for the future.  And while you are worrying about the grands, you suddenly realize that one day it will be your turn, and you do not have a plan for yourself or your loved ones.

3. The Special Needs individual.  For the unmarried or widowed elderly person with no close relatives each year brings new and tougher challenges.  Many of us probably know someone whose child requires specialized lifetime medical care.  Perhaps you are a single parent who has not come up a plan for the worst-case scenario, the one where you are unable, for some reason, to raise your child to adulthood.

So whether you are married or not, with or without children, or simply wondering who will take care of you or your loved ones as you get older, we hope you find something in this blog that you or your loved ones can use.